The Secrets of the Old Bulgarian Fairy Tales – in BG

Бих искала да запозная по-широка аудитория с уникалните черти на българските магически приказки, някои от които скоро преразказах на английски език. Предлагам ви анализа, написан като постскрипт към тази колекция … Continue Reading →

Comments on the story “The Boy, born form an Apple”

According to the collector from the 19 century Kuzman Shapkarev, this story originates from the village of Mirkovo, around Pirdop, in the Rhodope Mountains. The magical cup, turning water into … Continue Reading →

The Boy, Born from an Apple

* This magical Bulgarian story is not part of my collection, because it has  somewhat adult aspects. Here it is! The Boy, Born from an Apple Once upon a time, … Continue Reading →

Discovering Little Gems

Recently, my husband was invited to present his books in SUNBGURLARE – a small town positioned in the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains. He had never been there and we enjoyed walking … Continue Reading →

Visiting Faro

Знаехме изключително малко за Фаро, когато решихме да прекараме една седмица там.  Града ни очарова още с пристигането ни! Летището беше изключително елегантна и лека простойка, с жъртo-боядисана метална конструкция  … Continue Reading →

Festival of Bulgarian documentary and feature short films in BCI – London

This festival was organised from  the 19 to the 23 of October 2017. The films were projected in the halls of the Bulgarian embassy. The great majority of them  had … Continue Reading →

Видео за БНТ от презентацията ни в БКИ Лондон  

On reading Kapka Kassabova‘s Border

I held Border in my hands and wondered about its closeness to another travelogue I had read not long ago – Patrick Leigh Fermor’s The Broken Road. Patrick took you … Continue Reading →

The BVLGARI exhibition in Madrid

One of the first things we saw after arriving in Madrid was the Bvlgari and Rome exhibition in the museum Tyssen-Bornemisca. I have long been wondering about the name of … Continue Reading →


by Dimana Trankova New book sheds light on a little known piece of history A beautiful princess is given by her brother, the king, as wife to the very man … Continue Reading →